Date(s) - 09/01/2017
12:00 am

Good Morning to all- is up and running.   This will be the “go to ” place for all things HMR.   Notices, agendas, minutes, budgets, bylaws, covenants, architectural review guidelines, etc.     Every owner is already set up to log in

Log in: your email address

Password : owner   (you are able to change you password once you enter the site

You will be receiving a month newsletter via email as to the happening at HBMR for the month.  You can change the frequency of your notification from monthly to bi-weekly, weekly or instantaneous as to keep as informed as possible.


The best way to stay informed is to log in and check the events calendar.  Say you want to fish the Slate river on a certain day.   Add it to the calendar so that everyone has the opportunity to know you will be down there and can plan their fishing accordingly.  Say you want to sight in your rifle for hunting season up the jeep road.    Add it to the calendar so anyone taking a ride up there for hiking or leaf viewing knows what to expect.

We have a multitude of functions within the website to benefit all owners so please don’t hesitate to ask me any and all questions



James Brennan